2.5-Seat, 3-Wheel, 120MPG, $30K Gas Sipper: Aptera Hybrid

Wow! This thing looks like it can fly. It could, if the wings were added. Because the three- wheel Aptera Hybrid (“Wingless Flight” in Greek) vehicle was crafted from an airplane kit by Steve Fambro, a San Diego robot builder.

Weighing only 1,500 lbs., the Aptera prototype has 2.5 seats, a 0 to 60 acceleration rate of 11 seconds, a top speed of about 85 mph, and will be available initially in California later this year in two models: all-electric that drives 120 miles on a charge after plugging into a regular electric outlet, or the gas/electric hybrid plug-in model that can travel up to 600 miles on a fill-up.

Approximate prices: all-electric, $26,900; plug-in hybrid, $29,900.

Their site shows a wide range of possible miles per gallon, with 120 being the median, but it could be as high as 300-400 mpg if you use just electric power. That’s quite attractive as gas prices top four bucks a gallon here in Northern California.

Read more at SFGate.com or Aptera.com

By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Lead Writer/Editor

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  1. There is an error:
    The APTERA car isnt 120 MPG, its 340MPG…

    340 milles-per-gallon
    remember this!!!

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