Real photography with the Hasselblad H4D-60 DSLR camera

h4d60_rightSince the 90s, as days are passing by, digital photography is becoming more and more popular and so is the popularity of digital cameras. Digital cameras are even built in mobile phones these days but a person with true passion for photography will always opt for a high resolution digital camera.

Hasselblad launched a DSLR camera which features all the advanced technologies of a digital camera. This Hasselblad H4D-60 model features an impressive 60MP with a large CCD image sensor of 40 x 54 mm. It is also aided by an Absolute Position Lock processor which allows accurate and easy auto focusing. This processor is based on the company’s True Focus technology. This exclusive camera needs only 1.4 seconds to capture one photo. The shutter speed starts from 1/800th of one second and goes up to 32 seconds. So if you really have a passion of photography, this model is perfect to help you produce high quality images. With its amazing features, it costs only $40,000 and this model from Hasselblad is considered one of the most luxurious photographic tools on this planet.


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