Get Technical With Ice+ from Miistor


If you’re quagmire standard USB stick doesn’t cut it in the world of bling then you’re simply gonna fall in love with this little beauty from Miistor. In the world of grand luxury USBs, this is a grand daddy. This masterwork incorporates a platinum case with dazzling 462 diamonds, each of 5.10 carat and has a memory capacity of 8 gb.

This rare piece does not require any drivers and has a reading and writing speed of 15 MB/s and 9 MB/s respectively. This creation is very much compatible with Pentium PC or Macintosh. You will be stunned to know that the data retention time is a minimum of 10 years. This Hi speed USB 2.0 has a certified fro data transfer.

You are fancied to have something that is rare and pricey; this is one of the right products. This Ice+ from Miistor holds a fantastic price tag of £15,000 approximately $21,750.


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