The Top 10 Most Expensive iPod Accessories

#1 – Pimp Your Car’s Volume
Okay, okay this is a bit tricky but we would have to say your wheels. Integrating iPod friendliness is the hottest new trend at car shows. We know they are a bit biased, but Apple estimates that 40 percent of cars sold in the U.S. this year will offer iPod integration.”
Your price –- and your mileage –- may vary

#2 – Diamond iPod Case
If you want to really show off your bling thing quotient, flash this iPod case encrusted with over 580 diamonds. It protects a 4GB iPod Nano, which has been showcased at the International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc. It’s got a total of over 10 carats of diamonds set onto a 14K white gold case.
[National Jeweler Network]

#3 – Fendi Juke Purse
This thing would bleep like crazy through airport security and it would likely take you at least 30 minutes to prove to the X-ray dude that they were all functioning as legitimate iPods.
[Via TechieDiva.]

#4 – Louis Vuitton Nomade iPod Case
Only a designer like L.V. could say something is made of caramel-colored “flawless” cowhide leather that’s “tanned with plant extracts.” It features a flap closure with headphone cord hole, and a belt loop. Only works with full-sized iPods.

grado headphones
#5 – Grado Headphones
Those awfully uncomfortable earbuds that come stock with your iPod just won’t do. You need opulent style, accurate pitch control, and beautiful harmonic accuracy. Enter Grado’s GS1000 Statement Series headphones. These are what mastery sounds likes.
[Grado Labs]

#6 – Hammacher Schlemmer Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers
Called “the first tube-based iPod speaker system, producing a luxurious warmth and clarity prized by audiophiles and previously difficult to reproduce outside of custom-built amplifiers of a handful of live musicians.�? Warning, this item may be out of stock due to its overwhelming popularity.
[Hammacher Schlemmer]

#7 – Pacific Rim Technologies iPod Jukebox Station
Everyone loves these “Back to the Future” Jukeboxes. So this colorful, full-sized jukebox lets you combine your library of latest musical tastes with the neon lights that turn any room into a 1950s diner. But this baby also has an RM radio AND a CD player.
[ ]

#8 – Miuro Robot iPod
Though it looks like a ball that’s hatching an egg, this is actually a boombox on wheels. At a compact 14″, it’s available in white, black, yellow or red with Kenwood speakers. Just plug your iPod into the top and the Miuro (an acronym for “music innovation based on utility robot technology”) blasts out your favorite tunes. It’s controlled by a handheld remote or add an optional camera and a sensor to enable the robot to map its position and remember its routes.

#9 – LoPresti’s Fury Piston Aircraft
If having an iPod-compatible car doesn’t tweak your interest enough, upgrade to first class with what is being called the “first truly portable, personal flight recorder.” A Florida company call LoPresti is promising a flight data recorder that offers “full integration of the iPod into the Fury’s avionics systems” to record time, air speed, fuel flow, and magnetic heading data for post-flight analysis.
Price was unavailable on its site

#10 – Klipsch iFi iPod Speaker System
This speaker system boasts excellent, powerful sound, strong output with an enormous subwoofer, easy setup, and handles more than just iPods.The iFi surpasses the Klipsch iGroove in the company’s iPod-specific speaker lineup.

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