Sexy Toys for Naughty Girls: Jimmyjane, San Francisco

sexy toysIf you want to streeeetch the definition of fashionable travel, Jimmyjane would qualify. Selling $1 million sex toys in the year since its birth in a San Francisco wearhouse, the company uses high-level products, superior craftsmanship, sophisticated design, a twist of whimsy, and sells them all through boutique settings in upscale stores in SF, LA, Tokyo, Munich and more — using the “naughty is nice” slogan.

What does it sell? $400 precious metal vibrators, $100 silk and suede blindfolds, perfumes and merchandise of similar style. Founder Ethan Imboden says, “So much out there is rose petals and strawberry lubricant. The consumer is much smarter than that.” Read more.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on February 13, 2006 in Travel

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  1. Quan
    Quan says:

    I really like your jeans i would some day like to have em

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