Sexy Jeans Embrace The Big Bottom Line: Rapper Nelly’s Apple Bottoms

Round is in, especially with women’s butts. From the Black-Eyed Peas’ hit “My Hump” to rappers D4L talking about “Laffy Taffy,” it seems like everyone from JLo to Beyonce´ is pushing the bottom line in fashion.

One notable clothing line making news is from multi-platinum recording artist/superstar Nelly. His Apple Bottoms line caters to females of all shapes and sizes who want to “liberate the natural curves of a woman’s body.” The jeans cost $59 to $88 at urban retailers or from

By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Editor-in-Chief

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  1. apple bottoms are the best kninds of jeans and they fit soo nice

  2. i like applebottom jeans

  3. ChantellleDOGCHOW™ says:

    Apple bottoms are the best fitting jeans you could ever buy and the price is very reasonable to pay for cuz iot is worth it

  4. All Apple bottoms clothes is very nice, keep is going Nelly cause Apple bottom cloothes is very nice and I likke them butt I have to much bottom for that.

  5. baby apple bottoms iz very comfortable and nice. they are d best jeans and they make my booty look huge

  6. keep it up i love your clothes because i have a apple bottom to mz. apple bottom

  7. i have a little apple bottom but when i put on the jeans it is a whole different story

  8. i love the applebottom clothing line i have searched for jeans that fit my curves and i couldnt until i tried on these jeans and they fit perfect i love them and i will continue to love them!! keep it up nelly your the best when i comes down to what the ladies want!!

  9. i like applebottom because they have pretty but they need to low down the prices cause it be to high because theres alot of cute stuff that i wanna buy but it be to damn high!!!!!!!!!LOW YOUR PRICES NELLY!!!!GOOD BYE AND HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!

  10. i like applebottom clothing line too but i gotta agree with alyana johnson the clothes is way to high and they be some jeans in the store that i wanna buy it be too damn high so every time i look at some jeans and the price i always put it back on the rack because its too high but i gotta agree with alyana because shes speaking the truth but i think its an great clotheing line but u need to lower your pricse nelly !!!!!!!!bye

  11. hi my name is seren and i’m eleven yaers old an i love your clothes and i was wondering if i can model your clothes one day because when i grow-up i would like to be a model an i really love your clothes an i really love your sweat-jackets becaquse they’re really cute that’s why i’m on your website so i can order some of your clothes and i saw the RIP RUNWAY on BET and i love it i hope you email me back AND I LOVE YOU TO NELLY! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. KEEP IT GOING NELLY YOUR DOING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********************

  13. Applebottom is nice Nelly did it with this one !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yeah this be dat l_dub l@dy snug lettin yall no that apple bottoms iz wats happenin my az look good in them jeans i can be a model for the teen juniors collection cause im16 .im 5’2 thick in the thighs little in the waist fucked up attitude with a pretty face
    u already no it the 1 an only mz apples l_dub L@dy Snug

  15. Proud to see you do your thing but don’t forget about us thick sisters.

  16. i love apple bottoms because i have a big butt and they fit so good ……… And nelly keep doin what you are doing boo.Because all my homegurls love ya clothes too. Even my mother got some apple bottoms jeans.

  17. I’m here to say these Apple Bottom jeans and clothing are the best. The fit is so comfortable top and bottoms. Nelly you are doing an AWESOME JOB!!!!

  18. Kenisha Stalling says:

    i love apple bpttpm so much when people try to wear it that i no i get mad apple bottom is the hotties out there dont hate.good idea Nelly with much love.

  19. Apple Bottom are da most cutie jeans 2 wear. If u don’t have a pair of Apple Bottom something is wrong with u keep up da GOOD WORK NELLY !!!!!!!

  20. I love the apple bottom wear…….nelly did his thang with the line and everything…..looks good on me so i’am going to keep wearing it…:-)

  21. I love AppleBottom clothes,everything about this name is good.i’m wondering if nelly is the one that designe this clothes.Anyway this is my favorite clothing name,and i will promise myself i’ll buy every brand new clothes on this name.

  22. Apple Bottom jeans are the best line of jeans a woman can wear. I love the clothing line, but I do have one request…. I am having a hard time finding my jean size in Apple Bottoms, I am 5’5, I weigh 112 pounds, and I am a white girl with a ghetto booty and my sizes float from 2-4 in stetch jeans and 5-6 in 100% cotton non stretch jeans, and I am having a hard time finding jeans in these sizes. With a small waist and a round booty I usually have to have my jeans alterd to fit. So if you take requests for customizing jeans, Please let me know. GREAT CLOTHING LINE AND EXCELLENT IDEA NELLY!!

  23. Ms.Michelle says:

    Well I really and truly don’t care what nobody says about the prices…. because I will pay any price for a pair of APPLE BOTTOMS….because for Christmas i treated myself to a 65 dollar APPLE BOTTOM skirt and I don’t regret it either….some people might say I am crazy but anything for my baby Nelly and his APPLE BOTTOM clothing….LUV ALWAYS MS.MICHELLE

  24. Jerica Birtha says:

    nelly i really like the apple bottom clothing line. i just wanted to ask u if your thinking about making the apple bottom clothing also for plus size girls. my girls and i always go to the mall and we see u line and we be wishing that one day you would come out with the size for a plus size sista. its just a question that is being asked down here in the south.

  25. Ashley A.K.A Apple Bottom Bootie says:

    I’m the biggest fan of apple bottom. I Love The Desginer(Nelly) and the logo that rpresents the ladies who carry a lil’ xtra baggage in the back!!!!!

  26. Ashley A.K.A Apple Bottom Bootie says:

    Nelly, your line was off the CHAIN on Rip The Runway! I Love you soooo much and your line. Apple Bottom is the BEST way to desribe what i have : something BIG, ROUND and JUCIY (VERY EDIBLE)!! Keep Doin you boo and maybe one day you may see me modelin that for you!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  27. Thank you NELLY for comming out with the best jeans/clothing collection ever made. You on top right now.#1

  28. Wonderful says:

    i love all yo clothes wit u sexiii ass!!!

  29. i love your clothes nelly they fit great

  30. those are so fly for a thick chick like me!

  31. Black Barbie says:

    Nelly i love the Apple Bottom clothing line i got so much Apple Bottom clothes it don’t make no since keep up the good work cauce my ass be looking right in them Apple Bottom jeans

  32. i love Apple Bottom clothing line

  33. I really love apple bottom so keep up the good work

  34. i absoultly love these APPLE BOTTOMS jeans!!!!!!!!!!

  35. nelly i luv ur clothes i luv u so keep doing ur thing

  36. Sissy absoulty loves these APPLE BOTTOMS jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Apple Bottoms are the beat pants ever I love them. Nelly Keep the trend going.

  38. Apple Bottom clothing is just one od a kind. Everybody is always looking 4 a new style or look to keep tha flavor up on deck….Me myself I spend at least 11,000 at tha mall almost everyday buying new designs and more Apple Bottom clothes. Apple Bottom fits 4 anyone no matter what size of figure you will beable to fit in those wonderful creative styled jeans that you’ve had ur eye on 4 the past 7 days…Just believe me Apple Bottoms put it down and make you look even more fresh den ya own friend cause she rockin’ Mimi Turner Designs which r my favorite, but on the other side you got you look fresh to death rockin yo “APPLE BOTTOM”

  39. hey nelly i love ur apple bottom everthing pants , JACKETS , IT REALLY DNT MATTER love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!e mail me back asap

  40. kesley milo says:

    if u dont like the price well then i guess apple bottoms arent for u honey cus if ya wanna wear it then u gotta pay it

  41. heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy ELLY i love every thing you desined for us people my daddy bought me my first pai of apple bottom jeans ever and i loved them now i am asking him fa er thang you got

  42. the price may be high but it is worth it

  43. ~*Jasmine Crenshaw*~ says:

    ~*I luv Applebottom*~

  44. Nelly i love you so much and.And I love ytour clothing line thats bout all i got in my closet is APPLE BOTTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!! you already know wuts up Love ya your gurl Shia

  45. i love apple bottom i mean thats alll i wear thats the best thing out here right now

  46. “This is why I am hot” quote(mims)

  47. I love apple bottom jeans. There is no other fit like them. I own 13 pairs of apple bottom jeans.

  48. Applebottom Jeans help me find tha apple inside of me all because of nelly tha boyz STOP and staring Damn she got apple bottom on her.AppleBottom really help me find the cuvse since i’am thicker girl and when i wear my clohes to High School tha boyz mouth will DROP down.So Nelly I want to thank you for making tha applebottom line and you don’t forget us thick chicks .I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE Neeeeeelllllllyyyyyyyy .

  49. Ms.Scandalous says:

    I am Miss Apple Bottom that’s all i rock that’s all my wardrobe consist of dare any girl on here to buck me in that label.

  50. i am a jamaican who love to wear apple bottom,but at times here in JA they relly get expensive.But keep up your good work neally because this ass that i have only fit APPLE BOTTOM jeans.


  52. hey my name is krsten weatherly. I have fallen in LOVE with your clothing line applebottom… thats all i wear.. i have a nice curvy body and everyone says i should modle.. i want to model but i want to model clothes.. like your clothes. i go to your website all the time and oneday i wanna grow up and model APPLEBOTTOMS!

  53. Nelly I jus wonna stop by and say I have 5 pear of apple bottom jeans and they all hot, they fit my curves and every thing you makin it do what it do so keep doin it big baby love ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. kinda off topic, but does anyone know where i can purchase the blue jumper nelly wears in his video ‘grillz’ ?? thx

  55. i like them they look good feel good and will always be in my place

  56. Lenisha Walker says:

    u have one of the best clothing line ever keep the good work up
    luv u

  57. Kadeijah Walker says:



  59. I WERE APPLEBOTTOMS EVERY DAYApplebottom Jeans help me find tha apple inside of me all because of nelly tha boyz STOP and staring Damn she got apple bottom on her.AppleBottom really help me find the cuvse since i’am thicker girl and when i wear my clohes to High School tha boyz mouth will DROP down.So Nelly I want to thank you for making tha applebottom line

  60. whats good nelly ya clothes are really hot and ASHLEY YOU SOND LIKE YOU ANIT GOT NO BODY SO CALM DAT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FA REALLLLLLLLLL

  61. i no they fit me just fin i love to where them u no how the boy’s like u to where them

  62. Hi, I would like to know where I can fine a store to buy some Jeans. I heard about the Apple Bottom Jeans. I been having a hard time to fine jeans because of my butt I have more butt then a waist my waist line is small so when I buy jeans the back part stick out so it don’t look good so I heard about this Apple Bottom Jeans. I been doing research in the internet but since I can only do it at work I would like to know if there is a catalog where I can shop from I cant buy when I’m at work. And I sure don’t have a computer at home. So please let me know if there is a catalog where I can order by…thank you so for any infomation you can give me…

  63. i love apple bottoms that is all i got and baby phat and yall apple bottom suff i poppin so love your suff

  64. I love apple bottom! Im short with a small waist and a big o butt! Im happy to finally find a jean that complements all my curves!! Thanks Nelly!

  65. These clothes are tooooo cute!!!! And so iz Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forevea!!!!


  67. shorty got them apple bottom jeans and the nooots with the fur all the guys in th club look at her!

  68. Erica Shannell Blake says:

    Apple Bottoms Jeans Boots With The Fur The Whole Club Was Looking At Her Thats Should Tell It All Just Right Nelly Keep Doing It Big! ! @pplebottomsjeans

  69. All of you have terrible grammar, and spelling. Instead of buying these expensive nice jeans, buy some books and go to school. Goodness Gracious!

  70. apple bottom jeans are so awsome!!!! i especially LOVE the song!!! to wear these jeans you should deffinately have a good a$$!!!! everyone calls me apple because i wear the jeans and have boots with the furr!!! t-pain ill see you soon baby!!! luvz yall beeotchezzz!!!

  71. lisaaaaa. says:

    wear u get those?

  72. Chassiddy says:

    wat it do i love apple bottom jeans becuz when I hit the floor i be gettin all the boyz in da club saying ” Shawty get yo @#$ low wit dem jeans on!!!” Keepp upp thee gooooddd woorkk but home girl was right ya’ll need to lower them prices some pple not me of course are poor
    The real mizz apple bottom

  73. Baby GIrl says:

    Wat it do homiez!!!! a nw it aint nothing until a MEXICAN like me starts wearing yo clothes its in style!!!!!! Ya got to give it to my Homie NELLY for making these jeans!!!!!! Well i gt to go wit everyone! yo prices is to much for a Ghetto Gangsta like me who keeps it real wit yo pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya homz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~South Side 4 Lyf~

    ~Baby Girl~

  74. yea i lke apple bottom becuz i have one and it makes my ass look even bigger then it already is there good pants nelly keep donig ur damn thang

  75. WoOoOw JEAns Are SO So So SeXy I wiLL By ThIs jeAns LoVE yAa :*:*


  77. i swear applebottoms are not the best.they r SUPER UGLY and LAME!!!!!!


  79. guy, when i found out nelly created pairs of jeans i went an bought them they are so good an comftroble

  80. Monica Franks says:

    i lov applebottoms jeans cuz it fit me lik glue and it is so cute on my booty.

  81. Monica Franks says:

    i jus lov applebottom jeans

  82. A shout out from down under (Australia)
    I love your apple bottom jeans but i can’t get any here, where can i go and get some????
    I don’t know what size i would be there in the state 🙁


  83. Charnesha says:

    i love apple bottom , the jeans really brangs out your shape that most jeans don’t really show….

  84. I love Apple Bottom jeans!!!!! I have like 100 of them!! All my friends are jealous of me!

  85. ChAnEl&cHrIsTiNa says:

    woooh apple bottoms are fittt lird me n crisp luv emm lol 🙂
    lol mii niknames nelly btw bu i spell it nelliie nn crisp jst likes gettin called crisp lol dese jeans r f2f luvv emm bu wii like rocawear n juicy 2


  86. nelly dats off the chain my auntie and unc met u they said u da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LUV U!!!!@ $TRAIGHT G*

  87. everybody that says they’re too expensive – check out ebay!!! you can get new with tags apple bottom jeans, shirts, accessories, everything! i’ve got a ghetto booty and i HATE shopping for jeans. and i always heard about apple bottoms, but i could never find them! i think the closest place to where i live where i can buy them is gary, which is about an hour from here! yep… check out ebay. 1/2 price!

  88. how can i get stated on my own clothing line ihave good ides but no to look at them just e-mail me

  89. i love ur clothing line ive been wearin apple bottom since they came out they are so hott the clothing,shoes,and accessories!keep doin your thing bcuz u doin it pretty well!

  90. Nelly’s Apple bottom jeans has actually catered for the beauty of ladies with varying shapes. It makes them look more sexier and cute. Thumbs up to nelly.

  91. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have ever seen the jeans :P. I’ve heard of them though….
    NE ways
    i love you Nelly… even if i dont wear ur clothes 😛


  92. i just love em cuz nelly is mighty fine hehehe

  93. momma loves apple bottoms says:

    I am a mom of 4 and hated trying to find jeans. I love apple bottoms!!! so do my kids. my 3 year old thinks she is the shit in her apple bottoms. I do however have a problem with the length. I am 5’3″ and most of the jeans are too long. and the shirts dont seem to run right. i normally wear a medium shirt and some ot the large apple bottoms shirts dont fit. But if you want apple bottoms at cheaper prices check out ebay. i but all of mine there. I love to have nice things, but it’s hard to spend alot of money on one pair of jeans when you have 4 children.

  94. Whats APPLE BOTTOM JEANS?? Im so IGNORANT…by the way, is it available in any Super malls in the Philippines?? Is the price reasonable??

  95. Hey nelly i love those apple bottoms i be up in tha club all the guys be like dannnnggggggg

  96. What up I like your apple bottom jeans clothing line they are very cute n stlyish u knw i’m a skinny girl n apple bottom fits me rite

  97. Babii.Biitch says:

    i love yuu nelly for making these sexy clothes

  98. BABY GURL says:


  99. Sasha Harris says:

    those jeans r sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. i love apple bottom clothes there are soooooooo cute and fashionable and not a high price

  101. i love apple bottom the pants that you first see i have those my mom got those for me when she went to korea for the army i love you mom!!!!

  102. Shay is back says:

    hey boo oo i love the apple bottom jeans oo they really compliment my shape because a sista like me got curves and a booty tha make tha niggas say dammmmnnnnnn yo know so yo gone have to keep doin wat you be doin
    im reppin for all tha thick curvey big juicy booty
    sha sha, im the REAL Mizz Apple Bottom

  103. omq !! ah heart apple bottomz thea hawt !! .. xx

  104. I love applebottoms i have a lot of the outfits!!!!!!!!

  105. I like Apple Bottom jeans as well, but people, can we please learn to type and speak like educated human beings. I couldn’t understand what half of you were trying to say, and that, my friends, is the reason why other nationalities think Americans are so damn stupid. So take a class or get some help from a friend.

  106. OMG! I just bought my first pair of apple bottom jeans, usually it takes forever to find jeans that fit my waist and a**, but they fit great. plus they are very stylish! keep up the good work nelly!

  107. Thank you Samantha, I also cannot understand why people are using slang when typing. I find it totally disgusting. Anyways, I am from Toronto, Canada and would like to know where I can buy Apple Bottoms up here.

  108. Can someone help me please. I am from the UK and want to purschase some apple bottom jeans but i am confused by the sizing, does anyone know what size i should buy? I am a UK6/US2

  109. Ooo u can buy apple botton shoes in pickering town centre at footware

  110. i absolutely love apple bottoms they are double c’s(comfortable and cute) definately thank you nelly for being so smart and designing great htings for women like me

  111. i love apple bottom and i love u

  112. tori (wiifeyy) says:

    apple bottoms is the sexist clothing around if only people did think the same. Most people think baby phat cuter than apple bottoms but their not nelly makes WAY better styles the only reason its more popular us because baby phat has been out longer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. i love apple bottoms and think they’re the coolest ever
    i luv me some apple bottom
    i hope it stays in style

  114. i dont have an apple bottom but when i put the jeans on it a different story i look so plumped back there….i gots to keep wearing those apple bottoms

  115. omg nelly is the stuff.. He is goung to be like OBAMA

  116. c est super,merci nelly

  117. nelly you are so cute and nelly is like the $hit and the are like so d@mn hot he is gona have to live in a mansion one day $hit

  118. i love APPLE BOTTOM jeans that like the only thing i wear i got gear out this word i wear rocawear APPLE BOTTOMS and baby phat the only three thing i wear unless it like kapris but it gotta be cute like desighs kor something i cant wear any thing bummy dat just aint me ya digg but halla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUCCESS JAY BOO CALL ME HA HA HA WANT DA # NELLY HA HA HA HA

  119. hi i like apple bottom jeans but i dont have an apple bottom

    Teamwork does make the dream work

  120. can i get apple bottom jean in australia i NEED them australia doesnt understand girls that have a bottom

  121. My brother recently came back from the U.S ,I said please get me some apple bottom jeans in L.A.. He did and they fit perfect, my butt looks so goooood in it, as I have the big booty. Australia you need to get apple bottom jeans in Victoria, hurry up and stop selling daggy jeans!!!!!!

    As they have them only some stock in Queensland and N.S.W. Better stock in London and New York .



  123. apple bottom jeans are so cute just like nelly

  124. I personally think that Apple Bottoms are on kind of a downtrend:S
    and their popularity is not rising.

  125. I Love……………… Apple Bottoms i dont care about the price because what i wont i get and that’s that but but i love the person who made them the most… l.o.l

  126. I love apple bottoms they are cool

  127. i like apple bottom they lil very good on peopel with biger ships than other girls they fit real good on me to

  128. Heyy yall! im needing some help. i’ve never bought a pair of apple bottom and i would really like some. but the problem is i cant find them in stores, so i have to find them online, and i cant figure out what size to get. i am a 33′ in the waist. does anyon know what size? or a common local store?

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