Shedding Some Light On Jet Lag :: Litebook Elite

We’ve all had jet lag from flights longer than a few hours. And the farther you fly, the worse it is. Once, after a 19-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles, I felt pretty good. But the next morning, I felt like crapola.

Now, I use a homeopathic pill called No Jet Lag. It works pretty well, I must say. But now, there’s something new to consider and it makes a lot of sense. The Litebook Elite is a $199 device that uses daylight spectrum LED bulbs. It’s about 5 inches square so it puts out quite a bit of artificial sunlight to help you shift your biological clock. So it’s similar to those devices for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for folks in Alaska, Antarctica and other places where it’s night for months on end. Read more at

By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Lead Writer

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