Pricy Business Suits to Suit Your Class


Business suits worn with shirt and tie are the official dress for the successful businesspersons and executives. This traditional dress came into limelight as the fashion world promoted it since the later part of 19th century.

Suits being the status symbol for the most successful men worldwide have continued to hold their prominence despite displaying certain changes in the appearance with passing time.

The ones who are addicted to Forbes will surely remember their 2005 issue talking about extravagant suits from a rack. This collection featured the suits of the likes of Brioni, Kiton, Canali, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Oxxford Clothes, Jay Kos, Issey Miyake. Come to think of it, these expensive shirts are worth a collection.

These suits were priced at $6,000, $5,800, $4,200, $3,800, $3,595, $3,295, $3,000, $2,800, $2,800. Quite expensive isn’t it, but surely the ones who can afford it will love to fill-up their wardrobe with a huge collection of these exquisite pieces.


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