Seeing Green in St. Tropez

Paris Hilton and Beyonce´are just two of the celebs who have been throwing away their Euros this summer on $17,000-a-day yachts in Saint-Tropez. Once a quaint French fishing village, it’s now a jet-set playground for the richer and famous like Usher, Tara Reid, Naomi Campbell, The Beckhams, Mischa Barton, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis and Bono.

Further evidence of sticker shock: A glass of tap water at the uber trendy Les Caves du Roy costs $31. Still sitting down? How about getting a home equity loan and forking over $36,000 for a six-liter Methuselah of Cristal champagne?

Yes, the rich get richer. Must be those tax breaks, heredity or just plain talent. I still remember the jingle: “Bain-de-Soleil for the St. Tropez tan.” But at these prices, you can probably rent a tan for the day for a few thousand Euros.

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