Eco-Luxury Hybrid Car Service: Not a New York City Oxymoron

I’ve ridden in a Lincoln Towncar, a Limo and dozens of Yellow Cabs in Manhattan. Except for the sidewalk gawkers trying to stare through the smoked windows of the first two, they’re all pretty much the same.

But now, there’s OZOcar –– calling itself New York’s first and only eco-luxury car service. With the entire fleet of hybrid cars — such as the Toyota Prius, Lexus 400h and Toyota Highlander — OZOcar vehicles each use about 70% less fuel than regular car services.

Their slogan is: “Service because you deserve it. Style because you desire it. Sustainability for our future.”

Isn’t it swell that they’re putting their pedals to the medal to make a statement about reducing depending on foreign oil? We think so. Vagablond sends a 21-horn salute to OZOcar.

To reserve one, please call 1-866-OZO-5966 (1-866-696-5966).

Via Charles & Marie.

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