The Cure for The Demure Hotel: The Pure, Frankfurt

From our compatriots at Lifestyle Navigator: White, ultra clean, crisp… it all adds up to a pure design for a four star, 50-room hotel in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany. The Pure opened on September 1st to attract the fashionistas visiting this tre fashionable city. This review said, “I definitely like the complimentary wireless access with two Apple iBooks at your disposal. Fitness room and Spa were not yet ready – they were small but elegant.”

Other elegant touches: Pure Bar & Pure Patio, parquet floors throughout, 20″ LCD flat screen TVs, Media Jukebox in each room, private car park.

Rack rate: About 150 Euros per night, but could rise with high demand.

The Pure
Niddastrasse 86
60329 Frankfurt am Main
T: 069 71 04 57 0
F: 069 71 04 57 177
E: [email protected]

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