Plantation House in the Horizons and Cottages reveals history of 300 years ago


One of the oldest plantation estates of Bermuda which was built in some 300 years ago, is now the paradise of the Caribbean Island. This beautiful retreat, Horizons and Cottages, offers a peerless view of the nearby ocean and the countryside beauty in the backdrop. This prestigious cottage colony is totally designed in Bermudian architecture and the main building; the Plantation House, sprouts up from the colony with its white colored roof with pink facade. The beauty of the Coral Beach is easily viewed from this deluxe destination, which houses 9 superior rooms and 13 cottages, which are scattered all over the spectacular landscape of this 25 acre hilltop area. All the accommodations are set in such a way that the ocean beauty in this peaceful environment can carry away the guests to a heavenly world where they can relax and enjoy the comfort of the hotel’s luxury. The dining facility is provided in the Middleton Room, and under the night stars at the Ocean Terrace.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on September 19, 2011 in Travel

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