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Vectrix Electric Scooters Want the best revenge for $4/gallon gasoline? A Vectrix ZEV Electric Scooter that charges in three hours by plugging it into an outlet. It’s now being sold by Marin BMW Motorcycles in San Rafael, CA, one of 45 dealers nationwide

The Vectrix ZEV (Zero-Emission Vehicle) is larger than traditional scooters. It easily carries a driver and a passenger. It has a roomy compartment to stash groceries or a briefcase. And it offers you a zero-emission vehicle that’s easy to drive, clean efficient, reliable and affordable. It only has a speed of 45 mph, but that’s perfect for short hops in and around town. Unfortunately, it’s not highway legal.

The cost? About $9,290, but with motor vehicle taxes and other fees, the cost rises to about $10,200. Still, that’s cheap compared to filling up my Toyota Camry for about $60 per tankful, or about $1,800 per year. And I get almost 30 mpg highway!

Best of all, buyers can complete paperwork and file it with the state Air Resources Board for a $1,500 rebate under a program designed to encourage the use of alternative fuel and electric vehicles.

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