The Moussaieff Red Diamond – Ideal Gift to make your Partner Happy

Diamonds are woman’s best friend and every one of them would like to posses the most expensive diamond of the world. You can check out this red diamond, which can make for an ideal and most expensive gift for your partner. Yes, her eyes will sparkle with happiness!

The Moussaieff Red Diamond is one of its kind and will cost you a mind boggling $7 million. A Brazilian farmer in Abaetezinho River reportedly discovered Moussaieff Red in 1990 in an area called Alto Paranaiba, famous as a great source of stunning and colorful diamonds. Roughly, it was supposed to be 13. 9 carats (2. 78 g).

Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd. currently owns it. The value of the diamond is dependent on the color of Fancy Red. Moussaieff Red Diamond is the size of 5. 11 carat (1. 022 g). Despite the fact that it appears smaller when compared to other eminent diamonds, the Moussaieff Red is, in fact, the largest Fancy Red the GIA reports having value. This seems amazing!


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