Diamond Flower Mouse priced at $23,250


$23,250 for a single mouse for a computer! How many can think about this? But if anybody is rich enough to lead a lavish lifestyle, this is the perfect peripheral device to decorate their computer desk. This expensive mouse, named the Diamond Flower Mouse has been designed by the Swiss company, Pat SaysNow. This wireless mouse is designed with 1200 DPI optical technology for perfect accuracy. Moreover, it can also be connected to any USB port easily. This unique and exclusive mouse is embellished with 59 sparkling diamonds set in the form of an exquisite flower and these brilliant diamonds are encrusted on the 18 carat white gold body of the mouse to make it the most luxurious mouse on earth. Besides being a piece of jewelry on your computer desk, this mouse does not exhibit any outstanding technical specifications. This 3-button mouse has all the general technical features of an ordinary mouse.

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Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on January 20, 2012 in Shopping

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