High- End Audio Speakers To Satisfy the Taste of the Earnest Music Fans


Are you a music lover? Want to possess speakers that will render the finest sounds of the world and will make you fell in love with it, then check out this expensive speakers that will cost you a whopping £237,000.

The grand Exquisite designs the absolute conclusion of the high-end in audio, using reality as a reference. This d’appolito loudspeaker embodies two 25 mm and one 12 mm Kharma/Thiel diamond tweeters, two ceramic midrange-units and two Nomex-Kevlar subwoofer units positioned in a big multilevel wooden cabinet. The diamond tweeters have an underhung-system that guides all the energy directly to the cone and reduces the energy-loss by warmth to an absolute minimum. The latest Kharma technologies have been put to use to achieve a great audio picture using pure silver-gold wiring and materials like High Pressure Laminate and aluminum. These high quality technical aspects have made the prices of these speakers very high and one of the most desirable piece for the music lovers.

Via: Themostexpensive.com

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