Sail In Pleasure In Sumahan on the Water


Sumahan, the proud of Istanbul is located just outside of Cengelkoy, a region that still safeguards a bona fide Bosphorus environs. It is a township of wooden houses, seafood restaurants and seaside esplanades.

At the Sumahan, the most exhilarating part is the outlook of citadels, skyscrapers, Hagia Sophia and the luminous strait. The attributes of light and water, diverse at every time of day and in each season offer the instantaneous magnetism of resting at Sumahan – a hotel on the water.

European starlets maintain an inconspicuous in the suburban-style lobby, with its steel crossbeams, high ceilings and glowing fireplaces. Each room offers spectacular views. In the transparency of its outset, the selection of steel and brick, wood and marble, fabrics and linens, Sumahan sets a customary in re installation architecture and internal design. Each room is luxuriously furnished with Turkish-style furnishings.

The gastronomic experience of this place is equally fabulous. The complimentary Turkish breakfast is simple scrumptious. The chef does his work brilliantly by offering some exclusive and lip smacking Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. This is the final destination for romancing with luxury and relaxing with equal pleasure.


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  1. I’ve seen Bosphorus and Hagia Sophia from your list when I visited Istanbul. It seems I’ve lot more to discover. Turkey is really beautiful where mountains lands in sea. As in my country these both natural beauties; mountains and sea are exactly in opposite corner

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