Do You Hear What I Hear?: iPod DJ Parties

Technoids always have their ears to the ground for the latest thang. According to a story in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle, because of the ubiquitousness of iPods worldwide, night clubs and parties on virtually every continent are letting guests share a handful of songs from their iPod playlists. This phenomenom is now spanning the globe, from Calgary, Alberta to Beijing, China, New York City to Tokyo, San Francisco to Seattle, and London to Vienna.

Some venues limit the playing of 10 to 20 minutes of iPod songs. Some expand the music media to include MP3s, CDs, vinyl, DVDs and laptops. Some mix songs to animation or documentary films. But all enjoy the spontaniety of holding these indie msuic parties.

Read the whole story: Mixing it up with iPods on the digital nightlife scene.

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