Jeans Make Fashion & Satanic Statements: Sweden

For decades, Levi’s had a cult following across Europe. You could sell them on the Black Market for double or trouble their original cost.

Now, a punk-rock style, trendy unisex fit and $50 price tag are making Cheap Monday jeans very popular among young Swedes. But a Satanic logo, featuring a skull with an upside down cross on its forehead, is what people are really talking about.

The designer, Bjorn Atldax, told the Associated Press, I’m not a Satanist myself, but I have a great dislike for organized religion.” The logo was designed to intentionally make Christians angry.

Atldax stressed that he used satanic symbols because they stood out.”I don’t believe in Satan or God. I don’t care if there’s a God or Satan because they have never spoken to me.” he added.

The designer plans to create logos mocking, and critical of, other religions. “I plan to make something anti-Hindu because I think its caste system is awful. I am not considering any anti-Islamic work now because there are already a lot of anti-Islamic sentiments,” he said.


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