Resort home for the guests on the Vermont mountainside


Nestled on the idyllic setting of the Vermont mountainside is the Topnotch Resort & Spa. This country retreat offers its guests a perfect escape in an oasis where nature in unspoiled and untouched in this beautiful country of England. The magical balance between the nature and the spectacular landscape of this luxury hotel creates a serene atmosphere within the hotel’s 120 acres. This upscale destination of luxury pampers guests with utmost comfort and luxurious lifestyle maintaining the tradition and culture of the country. Each of the rooms, suites and resort homes in the hotel reflect the light of royalty, and the chic interior decor reveals an indigenous style blended with modern touches. The cozy havens provide enough privacy for the guests to enjoy their intimacy where the warm and romantic atmosphere is enhanced by fireplaces. The three bedroom resort homes spread over 2000 sq. ft. are the most gorgeous and lavish destination in the hotel, where guests discover new heights of a luxurious lifestyle.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on September 13, 2011 in Travel

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