Stylish Savings on London Flats & Costwald Cottages

Traveling to England these days is a lot like having a baby. Everyone tells you the shock you’re in for, but you don’t realize how much everything costs until you actually experience it.

For starters, our taxi ride cost $100 US from Heathrow to a hotel near Parliament. Meals were double what they’d be in the US and triple for Canada. So renting a flat instead of paying through the nose for everything from a hotel to all your meals is brilliant, actually.

One viable resource that I saw advertised in The New Yorker is Farnum & Christ, who call themselves “The Complete London Experience.” They offer charming London flats from 700 pounds/week, fairytale cottages in the Cotswalds for 900 pounds/week, pokey neighborhoods, leafy streets, village shops, and more.

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3 Responses to Stylish Savings on London Flats & Costwald Cottages

  1. I don’t see the point of taking a taxi from Heatrow – the Heatrow Express train is much faster and as comfortable!

  2. Gil Zeimer says:

    Knut: You’re right about taking the train from Heathrow. If we hadn’t been traveling with our daughter and flown 14 hours to get from SF to Frankfurt to London, we’d have jumpred on the train. But she was exhausted and it was the lesser (but more expensive) way to go.

    Best regards and please comment on other Vagablond articles.

  3. Sallie (Austin, Texas) says:

    My family has been staying at Farnum & Christ properties in London for almost a decade. They are simply the best. Their properties are beautifully appointed, in wonderful central locations, and F & C are accommodating and easy to work with. We feel like London is a bit of a second home, no surprises, always have a nice place to stay with a kitchen, lots of space, near the buses and tube. Farnum and Christ rock2!

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