A Perfect Vacation for Kids 6-60 yrs. old :: Shamwari Private Game Reserve, South Africa

When you and the kids are finally “theme-parked” out, and can’t face the thought of those endless lines queuing up for a ride through whatever psuedo-land, then it’s time to step up for a REAL adventure in a REAL land! For some big-time fun ( with much of it educational -but don’t worry, the kids will be clueless–all they will know is that they are walking in the same habitat they saw on Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet), try a Family holiday at Riverdene Lodge, located at the Shamwari Game Reserve situated near Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It has been voted the best game reserve in South Africa for ten consecutive years.

Riverdene Lodge provides a resort for families, with its newly renovated accommodation and its educational activities for children.By mid-July 2008, Riverdene Lodge will have nine inter-leading luxury family rooms accommodating a maximum of 24 guests including children.

It will also feature two supervised playrooms for children’s activities and spacious green lawns with a jungle gym. Various sport, social and cultural activities such as soccer, cricket, swimming, face-painting, African bead making, treasure hunts, and star gazing will be arranged to entertain the children during their stay.

Over and above these standard children activities, the children will also enjoy educational game drives, bush survival tips, animal, spoor and dung identifications activities among many others.

The children will be introduced to Shamwari Game Reserve and Born Free Foundation’s challenge to promote the conservation of species and the protection of habitat.

The children also get exclusive access to the Born Free Foundation Big Cat Rescue Centers, the Shamwari Animal Hospital and the Shamwari Film Studio, all based and managed on the Shamwari Game Reserve.

At the Shamwari Animal Hospital, the children will see different types of wild animals or raptors that are currently being cared for, under special supervision by the Shamwari veterinarian team, for release back into the wild. One such animal includes an orphaned six-month old elephant calf, which requires constant round the clock care.

Finally, the children will meet with the Shamwari film crew and be shown where the popular international “Unearthed 2” series was produced and edited (‘Unearthed 2” is currently being aired on Animal Planet). In addition, they will also be given a sneak preview of the film footage of the new “Shamwari – a wild life” series, which is due for airing in August/September 2008 on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet.

Check out the website for details. www.shamwari.com.

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