Question? What’s your favorite salad?

Avocao_Tomato_ PyramidI pose this question because I am interested in what the readers of the site are interested in. I can share mine and then you are all on the spot to share yours. Hey, it’s the rules and I went first!

My favorite meal depends on my emotions. I will qualify it that much. My favorite salad is a simple vine ripened tomato and cucumber salad with ranch dressing. The cucumbers have to be ultra crunchy. The tomatoes so ripe, they almost fall apart. The ranch should be made with fresh herbs an buttermilk, the way it was supposed to or I would option for a nice balsamic vinaigrette. If I went with a balsamic dressing, I’d rather go with a bacon-dijon-balsamic warmed over shaved onions, spinach, and parmesan.

Now, its your turn. Post your favorite salad. It’s summer!

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  1. Bartlett says:

    My favoite is either a bocconcini salad or a Ceasar sald with full leafs of romaine drizzled with a dressing that uses anchovies!

  2. Betty Van Goyen says:

    During the summer I live off of salads. My top 3 are:

    – Spinach Salad with artichoke hearts
    – any salad with hearts of palm
    – Japanese salad

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