Luxury Indestructible Bed :: Quantum Sleeper Unit

You have all probably heard of the panic room or perhaps seen the movie. Well here is an alternative that is a bit more comfy as long as you are not the least bit claustrophobic. The bed is fire-resistant and fitted with a high-level security system that protects you from destructive forces of nature, bio-chemical terrorist attack and kidnappers. There is a ventilation system in place and has a few more bells and whistles that your average box spring/mattress combo.

:: built-in CD player
:: DVD Screen with PC hookup
:: microwave and refrigerator
:: cellular phones and radios

The basic unit will set you back about $135,000. That’s peanuts if you compare to the hassle of fleeing to a panic room.

Quantum Sleeper Website

[ via BornRich ]

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