$193,000 for a Teddy Bear


When a baby takes birth in an uber-rich family with a silver spoon in its mouth, it is quite obvious that the toys for the baby will be exclusive and expensive to match the tastes of affluent society. A stuffed teddy bear is one of the most common toys for all children but a middle class family cannot imagine presenting a luxury teddy which is worth $193,000 as a gift to their new born baby.

A Germany based company created the most expensive teddy bear the world has ever seen, to celebrate the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of the world popular Teddy Bear. Only 125 such costly teddy bears were created for the anniversary. The mouths of these soft and cute teddy bears are finished with solid yellow gold. The eyes are set with precious sapphires and brilliant cut diamonds to make this childhood toy an asset for a lifetime.

Via listverse.com

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on March 01, 2012 in Shopping

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