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Keeping Coffee Fresh and Fancy :: Cox Creations’ Clip N Scoop

Add some pizzazz to making that morning cup of coffee.

The jeweled Clip N Scoop from Cox Creations of Las Vegas will open your eyes long before the coffee’s brewed and keep the bag of beans fresh long after.

The innovative kitchen tool comes from designer Gretchen Cox, who makes a variety of funky jewel- and bead-wrapped serving utensils and elegant jewelry. The Clip N Scoop resembles a very large hair clip, albeit a hair clip with one side made from a coffee measuring spoon.

Use the stainless steel scoop to measure out enough for your morning cup of Joe and then clamp the clip onto the open bag of coffee. Not only is the hinge strong enough to keep the bag shut tight and the beans or grounds fresh, the scoop is stored right on the bag and ready for the next pot to be made. No fumbling around in the drawer for a coffee scoop, no digging it out of a bag of grounds, no giving up and eyeballing the amount only to end up with a pot of undrinkably strong coffee.

The scoop/clips come decorated with a variety of colored beads and jewels that include shades of red, blue, green, gold or brown; black and white combinations, a multi-bead mix and one Gretchen refers to as “shades of Africa�? in a mix of gold, black, tan and shimmering clear beads. The decorations are wrapped tightly around the scoop handle and don’t interfere with use. The 6-inch length is comfortable to hold and long enough to reach the bottom of a nearly empty half-pound bag of coffee.

Clip N Scoops can be purchased for $20 each from www.coxcreations.com. Custom orders are welcome.

Other jeweled serving utensils from Cox Creations include bottle openers; ice tongs; large and small pastry servers; salad sets; small spoons for appetizers, dips or sugar; small forks for appetizers; cheese knives; butter knives or cheese spreaders and gold-toned demitasse spoons. Prices range from $5 per appetizer fork to $35 for the salad set. All items come in a variety of colors or can be special-ordered.

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