Luxurious Igloos of Swiss Resort


Have you ever thought of spending your vacation staying cozily inside an igloo? The Swiss resort known as Davos is a beautiful five star igloo hotel. So you too can experience life just the way any other Eskimo would. The hotel is located in the middle of a well groomed and snow-clad ski slopes that go up to a height of 2,600 meters.

Iglu-Dorf is made using packed snow. However there is a network of as many as 15 igloos, which are linked using tunnels that resemble a combination of an eco-housing complex atop the Alps and neolithic caves. You will get all the material comforts in the igloos. These comforts are that not that prevalent in the expansive region of the polar icecap. I am talking about the whirlpool bath and the sauna. Of course, these igloos are not exactly shaped out of ice but with huge inflatable balloons layered with snow.


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  1. Wow, how extraordinary! Seems to be the future…would like to stay one day.

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