Glam, Gams, Cameras & Eye Candy: The Oscars, Los Angeles

About 1 billion people worldwide watch the Oscars telecast every year from Los Angeles. Many view it as a night of fashion statements and renowned designers — whether their favorite star is wearing a Vera Wang, a John Galliano, an Armani, a Versace, a Dior, a Prada or a Levi’s (thanks to Texan Larry McMurtry).

When the beautiful starlets stroll on the red carpet prior to the awards announcements, all the pre-game shows discuss their outfits, who made them, what jeweler bedecked their necks and ears,

In any case, no matter who wins, whether you were rooting for Reese or Keira, Dame Judy or Felicity, it’s a night to watch and drool over the gowns, the glam, the gams and the cleavage. Read more from the New York Times.

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