Spanish Island Isla de sa Ferradura


If you are feeling cramped and monotonous with your regular life and have huge amount to spent then you can join the bandwagon of the elites and buy an exotic private island for you.

The Isla de sa Ferradura is located in the Bay of San Miguel just off the Northern coast of Ibiza, the exotic Spanish island. This resort island is spread across the 14 acre and is fully urbanized with a pool, kitchen, bar, hacienda and even a wine bodega. With more than 300 days each year of gorgeous sunshine, and a superb view of the stunningly bright blue Mediterranean Sea, it is in true sense living large. It will not be possible for most people to spend a vacation here – the island is rented for about $230,000 US dollars per week. If you are willing to own it, prepare to shell out $39,700,000 USD. It is only the place for those super rich across the world.


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