Live the Golden Dreams with the Gold Factory


Gold for most of us is one of the sources of investment and a major source of creating something exclusive and beautiful. One of the Australian mining company, Scotgold, indeed has made a remarkable achievement with its purchasing of the Tyndrum based Cononish mine, which is credited with being the most expensive gold producer worldwide known as the Scottish gold.

The value of Scottish gold is sky high due to its pure yellow colour and one more thing that makes it really pricey is its tough process of obtaining from the mine. If you are a genuine lover of gold then the 5 times double the price of Scottish gold will surely allure you as you will simply long to feast your eyes on one such gorgeous Scottish gold piece of art in the form of either a ring or necklace.

The Cononish mine, since 1996 produces 25,000 ounces gold on a yearly basis and each ounce is worth $1400. The ones collecting the precious memories of Scottish gold will be attracted to learn that the honourable Crown of Scotland is made of Scottish gold in 1540.


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