Shopping With Style :: Custom Monogrammed Grocery Totes

Grocery produceIndividual efforts so often become huge trends and one of the latest seems to be taking re-usable totes to market to minimize the use of plastic or paper bags. Once the domain of natural foods stores and the Birkenstock set, re-useable grocery totes seem to be everywhere now. Even the mainstream grocery store chains are selling versions of mesh, canvas or oil-cloth bags for customers to use.

But why not add some individuality and spunk to the totes and thus the shopping experience? The sharp-eyed trend-spotters at Denver’s 5280 Magazine pass along a great idea for custom-monogramming canvas satchels and totes with shopping messages. Differentiate your totes by monogramming them as “Produce,” “Dairy,” “Meats,” etc. Or have a little fun with messages such as “Eggs on Top,” “You Are What You Eat,” “Life is Too Short to Eat Bad Food.”

Any company that sells monogrammed totes (LL Bean, etc.) and doesn’t have a three-initial limit on monogramming, could make what you want. But Little Dreamers ( a small Aspen, Colorado company, offers stylish yet durable totes (along with a variety of other items) for monogramming. Just pick your message then choose from the dozens of typefaces and colors, and they’ll have your monogrammed item on its way to you within a week.

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