Go on a Valuable Ride with your Motorcycle


Bikers love it when people praise their vehicles for its style, speed, big engines and amazing grip. Over the years, motorcycle manufacturers have been constantly trying to build some of the very expensive and stylish bikes to reach out to a million bikers across the globe. You can even choose to customize a bike depending on your preferences.

However, if you are looking to ride some of the world’s most expensive motorcycles, then do not forget to grab an MV-Augusta F4CC valued at $120000. This expensive bike runs at a high-speed f 315kph and boasts of a 1078cc and 198hp engine. You could also consider owning an MTT Turbine Superbike at a whopping cost of $150000. Rolls Royce manufactures this fast machine’s turbine engine. The bike also has a camera among other gadgets mounted on it. Yet another motorcycle that will set your heart pumping is the Icon Sheene valued at $ 160000.

Via: most-expensive.net

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