Legalized Larceny: Award Show Swag Bags

Seeing the Golden Globe Awards last night reminded me that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Why do you think all those stars show up?

An episode of “The Sopranos” last year featured Ben Kingsley walking through one of the swag bag rooms, picking up celebrity giveaways valued at thousands of bucks. Christopher, Tony’s nephew, later mugged Lauren Bacall to grab her swag bag.

One company called specializes in hosting swag bag parties for the Golden Globes, Spike TV Video Game Awards 2006, VH1 Big in ’06 Awards,
2006 VH1 Hip Hop Honors, and more. In their Swag Bag room for the Golden Globes, for example, celebs can pick up stuff like custom shirts, gourmet restaurants, trendy home accessories, and more. Plus, after the event, you can purchase these same upscale gifts!

Who got the swag last night? Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, Forest Whitaker, Kevin Dillon, Masi Oka, Charlie Sheen, Andrea Bowen, Camryn Manheim, Daniel Dae Kim, Gregory Itzin, James Pickens Jr., Mario Lopez, Seth Green, and Teri Polo.

Another company, Distinctive Assets, says it has “the perfect gift for every occasion.” It maintains an elite list of corporate and entertainment clients by providing them with unusual, creative and interesting gifts. See the who, what, why and where of some swag bag events occur right here.

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  1. Hi. Just a clarification, does NOT host swag bag parties for these events. Swagtime is an online magazine that reports on the products and services featured in gift bags, gift lounges and other gifting experiences so that the public can discover and buy these items for themselves. is all about the brands and exposing them to the public. You’d be surprised that in a majority of gift bags, most items are affordable and these high profile events are a great way for a small brand to get exposure, and a great way for non-profits to get exposure and raise funds as well since a portion of the proceeds of many gifting experiences benefits them. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the clarification Jenna.
    I was speaking with someone at and she reinforced what you mentioned. I believe they created a branded item for a gift bag at the Grammy’s and had wonderful results.

  3. It was Christopher who mugged Lauren Bacall.

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