Use the Writing Instrument of the Decade


Graf Von Faber-Castell introduces famous and innovative pens each year, to the world of writing. This writing instrument specialist keeps on experimenting with techniques and materials for decorating the pinnacle and barrel of its pens collection. The Pen of the Year 2010 is the new and most expensive creation of Graf Von Faber-Castell.

At the first glance, you will notice fine engravings and the case of the pen hardened with metal parts. These pen specialists were inspired by case-hardening of quality guns and applied this technique with precision and skill in this Pen of the Year 2010. The wooden barrel and expert craftsmanship of its metal parts make this pen an exclusive fountain pen. This luxurious writing instrument is available in line widths F, B and M with 18 carat golden nibs. The end cap is plated with platinum and beautifully ornamented with case-hardened metallic disc where these pens are individually numbered. This precious pen is available at a cost of $2500.


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