Know Thy Cheese

mouse A wine and cheese party is a good occasion to be lazy and look like a glamorous host/ess at the same time. You need a little imagination and some cash (not too much) to present a spread worthy of the caliber of your guests. If all they have known is the type of cheese that comes in a squeeze-tube, all the better! Set out to provide them a road map for exploring further.I have never tasted a cheese I don’t like, so I would be an easy guest, but make sure you have innocent mild cheeses for the more conservative and tantalizing spicy ones for the more adventurous. Enjoy these suggestions from SpittoonSpittoon – Matching Cheese and Wine.

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  1. Mario Sosa del Valle
    Mario Sosa del Valle says:

    I would like to know the type of wines you reccomend to match with soft, semihard and hard sheep cheeses.
    Both subjects – wine and cheeses – in general, no specifics needed at this point for we do not have many different sheep cheeses here in Argentina, and I would have to pair them with local wines.
    Thank you


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