Is terroir important or not?

Well… you can decide for yourself. Is an Idaho potatoe still an Idaho potatoe if it comes from Australia? Maybe not. Then shoudln’t a champagne that is a sparkiling wine not made in Champagne be called a …sparkling wine made somewhere else? Read on

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  1. Terroir is of paramount importance! It is practically impossible to duplicate the great wines of Europe, regardless of technology, clonal selection or winemaking skills. Bordeaux is Bordeaux, Burgundy is Burgundy, Barolo is Barolo, Brunello, Chianti, Champagne, Rioja, Priorat, etc… Now California is beginning to recognize this fact, and has been pining for labeling laws that require specific varietals within appelations as well as certian growing limits. It is unrealistic, but there are significant terroirs all along the west coast, that employ many of the same varietals as theire esteemed European Counterparts but with drastaiclly different results. Although, I am not saying which is better, they just have inherently differnt flavors and structural components. Americans are easily confused by the complicated EU wine labels, but ance you scrath the surface, you realize that as complicated as it may be, it is important, and of undeniable significance.

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