Fantastico Food & Wine Tours: Apicius, The Culinary Institute of Florence

Fellow blogger Jocelyn Milici alerted us about one of her most memorable meals ever. She also helped prepare it on a recent trip to Italy in a group cooking class at Apicius, the Culinary Institute of Florence.

“With the chef supervising, ingredients prepped, and kitchen utensils at hand, we broke into smaller groups and worked on our respective culinary assignments… After baking and cooking, we all feasted on our homemade Italian food and drank vino at a big banquet table. Bonus: We all got to take home the recipes and aprons.

She followed that up with a small group wine-tasting tour in Tuscany, “sampling Chianti’s 300 acres between Florence and Siena, filled with hills and various wine-growing conditions, producing a range of bouquets.” Bravo, Jocelyn!


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  1. Grazie, Gil! Quick addition for folks who are interested in booking a culinary class at Apicius – I’d book a minimum of 1-2 months in advance as the facility is small, but high quality. And the location is in walking distance from the Accademia (where David resides).

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