OK Folks! Let’s do some learning!

professorLet’s get serious now at Corktease. Please. Well, all right, not too serious. But I have gleaned some nuggets of basic-and-easy information to start our learning adventure (about wine of course). This way you’ll have some amunition next time the conversation turns to vino-related prattle. Remember to follow your own judgement. It’s no good to say that the wine is wonderful if you don’t really like it. If you don’t wish to offend your host, just explain that you are learning about wine and this particular one “il n’est pas pour moi”. Developing a palate takes time and practice (and that’s were all the fun is…practice, practice, practice). To get us on our way to enjoy our libations with even more gusto, I’ll be posting this week five “UNCORKING THE CODE” tips on how to:

1) Read the wine label
2) Buy wine
3) Store wine
4) Taste wine
5) Serve wine

How does that sound? It’s easy, I promise. Just sit back, don’t even try to memorize, enjoy and …follow me!

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