Indulge yourself into the Majapahit culture of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta


Stepping into a peaceful oasis of serenity and tranquility to experience uncompromised luxury and royalty is well defined at The Dharmawangsa, set in the heart of Kebayoran Baru, which is the most upscale area of Jakarta. Indonesian art and architecture dominates every corner of this magnificent hotel and elegance and grandness are the key elements of the hotel. The entire interior decor of the hotel is a tribute to the Majapahit culture, and the illustration of this theme is found all over the decorative walls, with ceiling fixtures and royal wall lights hanging from them. The walls are washed with vibrant and subdued hues to create a perfect contrast with the tranquil atmosphere of the hotel. The executive rooms are offered to the guests to relax and indulge into the world of comfort. All the accommodations are provided with king sized beds and marble bathrooms so that grandness and royalty exists everywhere. The surrounding landscaped gardens with fountains enhance the scene that can be viewed from these elegant havens.


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