Sexy and Wetsy: The She Dives! Collection by Mares

My first wet suit was black, heavy and very ugly. For years, so was everyone else’s. Now, Mares is introducing some fashion into the ocean with theSHE DIVES! collection of diving products. Mares assembled an international team of women divers and designers to create a collection that is inspired, designed and dedicated to women. Plus, the products are better to dive with, beautiful to look at and utilize materials that better accommodate a women’s figure.

“We have listened to the many requests/demands from female consumers and dive shop owners,�? states Phil Mintz, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mares Diving Division of Head USA. “They consistently tell us that most diving equipment is designed for men, by men. SHE DIVES makes perfect sense considering the large percentage of female divers throughout the world.�?

The SHE DIVES Collection contains Suits, BC, Fins, Rash Guards, Masks and Snorkels. Additional products will be added later in 2006.

Find out more:
T: Diving Division, 203.855.0631;
F: 203866.9573.

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