Project Genesis Cruise Ship


Project Genesis from the cruise line of the Royal Caribbean International is supposed to be the largest and most expensive cruiseship of the world.

1,180 foot long, cruise ship will weigh almost 220,000 tons and carry 6,400 passengers at the most along with 2,100 crew members. The ship has a Central Park that is as big as a football field. Central Park’s piazza will even host live concerts and street performers. Moreover, a variety of restaurants will be there around the park, including fine dining at 150 Central Park, Italian cuisine at Giovanni’s Table and steakhouse fare at Royal Caribbean’s own Chops Grille.

The ship will also include a number of bars ranging from wine bars to the impressive Rising Tide bar—an engineering marvel that actually moves through three decks from Central Park to the public spaces below.

Norway’s Aker Yards is managing the construction of the ship. This priciest cruise ship is worth $1.24 billion!


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on September 02, 2012 in Travel

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