Feed Your Need For Excessive Speed: BMW Performance Driving School, Greenville, S.C.

If you just can’t drive fast enough to satisfy your need for excessive speed, there’s a place for you in the front seat of a Beemer.

Just book a course at the BMW Performance Driving School. This $12.5 million facility and road course located in Greenville, South Carolina is perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced drivers. During the courses, you can do the slalom, learn how to do controlled skids, race around the track at breakneck speeds, and more — all in top of the line BMWs with professional driving instructors.

This isn’t cheap, but friends of mine have taken similar courses in California and lived to rave about it. Cost is $550 for one day up to $3,650 and Gift Certificates are available.

[Via Uncrate.com].

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