How About Wine and Cheese Tasting for a Grad Research Project?

wine and cheeseThe finding of a recent study by UC Davis posit that wine and cheese are not necessarily a good marriage. Namely, they don’t really bring out the best in each other. I am not one to comment on scientific research, particularly because I just love to sample a varied cheese platter and wash it down with a glass or two. I’ve had a few experiences with wine and cheese that still bring a smile to my face. Manchego and Rioja in Andalucia. Langres and Bordeaux in…well…Langres! Comte and Burgundy. The list is looong. I adore wine and cheese together. Anyway, what is really impressive is that the graduate student in this case had the job of tasting wine and cheese…for credit!

Wine and Cheese Aren’t the Perfect Pair?

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