Stop Whining About Broken Bottles :: BottleWise DuoBag

Now, you can safely ship a bottle or two of wine or other spirits, especially after you spot a bargain at a Duty-Free Shop or a winery during your journeys abroad. The BottleWise DuoBag is the first multi-purpose bag designed specifically to keep your bottles safe during air travel.

Each has two removable liquid-tight pouches within padded sleeve compartments, so it’s small enough to fit inside a small suitcase. That lets you ship it through baggage without fear of breakage. Or you can carry it on your flight if you’re really paranoid about spilling your liquid assets inside your bag in case it breaks. The good news is each bag has a removable carrying strap so it’s easy to schlep.

Cost is $48.95 for a black outer shell DuoBag that holds two 750ml bottles or BottleWise Duo Plus is $58.95 with more color choices (Bordeaux, Vine or Cork) and extra padding on the outer shell to give you even greater peace of mind. Visit their Website for more info.

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