Honeymoon in the midst of rare birds and turtles at the Cousine Island Resort and Spa


In the blue of the Indian Ocean, one of the pristine island of Seychelles, the Cousine Island plays with the flecks of the ocean waves and the endangered wildlife of nature. Here, nature talks and man listens while spending their holidays in the four French Colonial villas of the exquisite resort, the Cousine Island Resort and Spa. The villas are scattered throughout the island to provide maximum privacy and seclusion to guests. This tiny paradise island can give shelter to maximum of ten guests and the surrounding is mainly designed for honeymoon packages. Luxury and hospitality is never compromised at this intimate destination when guests actually remain submerged in the unspoiled natural beauty of the surroundings. The villas are set amongst manicured lush green vegetation bordered by the pearly white sparkling sand beaches. All the rooms in a villa offer a peerless view of the endless Indian Ocean and the chirping of the rare Magpie Robins, Fairy Teens and other sea birds strikes the eardrum of the guests while their eyes are soothed by the glance of the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles here.

Via www.cousineisland.com

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