Girlfriend Getaway: Part Four, The Deer Lodge, Ojai

Rustle up to the Famous Deer Lodge for BBQ,and a Bike-r Show to Boot.

The motorcycle line-up outside this lodge/tavern is impressive. No less so than the bikers and biker-wannabees who come for this world famous outdoor Sunday barbeque, or just to hang, show off their shiny stuff, and knock back a cold one. Little ladies that we were, after devouring handfuls of salty peanuts in the shell, with casual cool we dumped their remains on the wood floors.

A way-beyond-cute cowgirly waitress told us to hurry and snag the one available outside table, which was actually a hacked down tree trunk surrounded by chairs. Two slow cooked-to-order tri-tip sandwiches later, spiked with spicy chipotle mayo, plus Caesar salad and heaping scoops of the surprisingly mild Lodge Chili, our hunger felt sated.

We sat in the shade to watch the side show. Middle-aged James Dean imposters kept swaggering in, fully suited up in denim and black leather, sporting tatts galore. Some really looked the part with tough guy faces that seemed to have taken a beating once or twice before, accompanied by their “Rode Hard Put Away Wet” biker gals.

Others looked like they were escaping their corporate day jobs to have some week-end fun by pretending to be big bad bikers. What a hoot!

At night, the Bar at Deer Lodge is the place to lounge with a classic cocktail, great beer on tap, or wine as the restaurant morphs into a rockin’ music lounge. Tables go bye-bye and the dancing begins.

A five-minute drive from downtown Ojai, California Deer Lodge feels like a wild roadhouse that is embarrassed to show just how sweet it is. This is the spot for serious Game specialties; venison, wild boar, duck and quail plus biker-light attitude topped off with a wild west atmosphere.

Haven’t had so much fun in ages…. and, Deer Lodge got me thinking… bet, I’d look adorable on a bad-boy bike all my own.

The Deer Lodge.
A: 2261 maricopa Hwy., Ojai, Ca.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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