Here a Spa, There a Spa, Everywhere a Spa :: Denver’s Cherry Creek North

Can one small neighborhood support 64 spas and salons? Apparently so.

I’ve lived in and around Denver for more than 20 years and in that time made good use of the health and beauty services to be found in the chic Cherry Creek North neighborhood, but I had no idea until recently that there are 64 to choose from. That seems like a lot.

They come and go over time as trends and the economy ebb and flow, with new spas replacing some old ones, but the neighborhood that’s also a tourist attraction seems quite able to generate business for them all.

Some of the old guard remain, including Paul Garcia’s hair salon, Antoine du Chez spa and salon, and the ILONA spa, which has been at the same location and serving multiple generations of the let’s-do-lunch set since 1973.

And there are plenty of newcomers. The Spa at Cherry Creek in the JW Marriott is getting rave reviews for its luxurious setting and offerings. The Nectar Spa in the Pura Vida club just opened last month in the building that formerly housed the Tattered Cover book store and word of mouth is strong. Its approach to listing services focuses on how you feel and how you want to feel rather than the standard “massages, facials, wraps, nails” listings. Nectar services fall under headings of bold, fresh, calm or pure.

Nectar’s most interesting offering, given its location directly across from the large, popular and busy Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Nordstrom’s, is the Shopper’s Pedi, a “calm” offering for those tootsies worn out by retail therapy. Its 50 minutes of luxurious soaking, exfoliating, moisturizing, massaging, trimming and polishing.

Cherry Creek North’s spa and salon offerings range from cosmetic surgery providers to a Great Clips and Super Cuts, offering something for everyone. For details about the neighborhood, its spa offerings and specials, go to

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