Experience the Ultimate Shopper’s Paradise :: Hong Kong

Do I have an empty suit case? Check!
Do I have my Amex Centurian card? Check!
Do I have my….hey, wait — that’s all I need to pack .

Talk about traveling light — which is exactly how you will want to pack when you book your tour for the 2007 Hong Kong Shopping Festival, June 20-August 1. Immerse yourself in a frenzy of shopping festivities highlighted by incredible discounts, an awesome selection of designer goods (you might even want to stock up on some of the world’s best “knock-offs” for all your B-list friends) and all sorts of special shopping, spa and dining promotions. Globotours is offering a well-priced special so grab a girlfriend and go shop your lil hearts out.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

3 Responses to Experience the Ultimate Shopper’s Paradise :: Hong Kong

  1. Ava says:

    Hey Janice…are you going to go on this tour?

  2. It’s really geared towards Girlfriend Getaway..wanna come w/ me?

  3. Ava says:

    Very tempted…perhaps I can scrape together the coin for 2008

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