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Everyone and their brother is hopping on the green bandwagon in every possible way. So it’s no surprise, according to David Krantz, a coordinator with the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in Washington D.C., that “resort owners and developers around the world have tapped into the eco trend. Resorts such as the Black Rock Lodge in Belize and Ranweli Holiday Village in Sri Lanka are catering to the new ecotourism ethos through environmental conservation, light-on-the-land building techniques and the embracing of local culture at resorts. Sure to redefine eco architecture when it breaks ground in 2008, Star Island in the Bahamas is a private island resort being developed in a fully sustainable way using innovative technology and standards.

“More than a trend,” he continues, ” there are now thousands of ecologically oriented lodges in more than 60 countries around the planet. “Sustainable tourism is among the most significant movements in all of travel right now.”

Want a modern eco cottage? Looking for a thatch-roofed hut on a beach? Always wanted to spend the night adrift on a cabin in a fjord? Read the article at

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