Lobsta? Pizza? Gelato? How About Soba Noodles? :: Wagamama, Boston

We’re in Boston to eat, eat, eat and walk, walk, walk. But the first night, we couldn’t help dining at the recently opened Wagamama in the Quincy Market, one block from our hotel, because we discovered this great noodle house in London a few years back.

Wagamama Faneuil Hall is the first US location for this chain that has restaurants all through the British Empire, from the UK and Ireland to Australia. Another is slated to open this summer at Harvard Square on JFK Street.

I say what better way to celebrate the 4th of July and America’s melting pot heritage than having Japanese noodles in the birthplace of Independence!

At this indoor/outdoor site that holds almost 200 people — and is packed most days and nights — you can choose a wide variety of hot and cold side dishes, from gyoza (dumplings) to edamame (freshly steamed green soy beans), then follow that with a long list of ramen (big bowls of noodles in soup), rice dishes, teppan noodles cooked on a hot, flat griddle, kare noodles in a coconut based soup, chili men (noodles in a spicy sauce), salads, juices, soft drinks, teas, beer and wine.

Surrounded by fish restaurants, raw bars, pizzarias and pubs in this trendy marketplace that dates back to the 1700s, Wagamama sticks out like a sore thumb, but it’s a welcome change of pace to the same old same old slice of pizza, pasta or fish house in Boston.

Wagamama Faneuil Hall
Quincy Market Building, Boston, MA 02109
T: 617.742.9242.

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